Detailed Programme

Date: 24-26 November 2023
Venue: Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

The programme is at Hong Kong Time (GMT+8).
Time Grand Ballroom 1-2
14:00-14:30 Welcome Refreshment, Foyer

Oral Abstract Presentation Session (Translational research and case reports)
(Chairs: Prof. Ben Mol, Australia; Dr. Jacqueline PW Chung, Hong Kong)

Oral Presentation 1. Cervical tear following Arabin pessary placement for the prevention of preterm birth
Dr. Carmen SM Ng, Hong Kong (Ab. 101)

Oral Presentation 2. Joubert syndrome caused by novel compound heterozygous TMEM237 variants: a case report
Dr. Minh D-Thai, Vietnam (Ab. 59)

Oral Presentation 3. Angiogenic factor and anti-angiogenic factor in uterine remodeling of placenta accreta spectrum
Mrs. Prita Aji Malinda, Indonesia (Ab. 7)

Oral Presentation 4. E-cadherin in endometrial epithelial cell is a potential endometrial receptivitiy biomarker
Dr. Yin-Lau Lee, Hong Kong (Ab. 78)

Oral Presentation 5. Identification of pharmacologically active small molecules that induce spheroid attachment and embryo implantation in vitro and in vivo
Ms. Shuya Sun, Hong Kong (Ab. 47)

Oral Presenation 6. Optimizing the non-invasive preimplantation genetic testing in the laboratory
Dr. Judy FC Chow, Hong Kong (Ab. 64)


RCOG Keynote Session 
(Chair: Dr. Karen KL Chan, Hong Kong)

RCOG Keynote 1: Why do we need a women's health strategy?
Prof. Dame Lesley Regan, United Kingdom

RCOG Keynote 2: How to reduce OASIS and its consequences to women?
Dr. Ranee Thakar, United Kingdom

17:00-17:30 Coffee Break, Foyer
17:30-18:00 Plenary Lecture 1

(Chair: Prof. Hextan Ngan, Hong Kong)

Over-medicalisation in women's health: is it our future?
Prof. Ben Mol, Australia

18:00-18:30 Opening Ceremony
18:30-19:00 HKCOG Presidential Lecture
Cervical Cancer Prevention - What are we up to ?
Dr. Karen KL Chan, Hong Kong
19:00-20:00 Welcome Reception, Grand Ballroom 4
19:45-21:30 Faculty Dinner, Grand Ballroom 3
Time Grand Ballroom 4 Grand Ballroom 2-3 Grand Ballroom 1
07:30-08:30 Light Breakfast, Foyer
08:30-09:00 Plenary Lecture 2

(Chair: Prof. Tak-Yeung Leung, Hong Kong)

Introduction of structured O&G training programme in China
Prof. Hextan Ngan, Hong Kong

09:00-09:30 Plenary Lecture 3

(Chair: Prof. Dame Lesley Regan, United Kingdom)

The Obstetrician-Gynecologist as Leader
Dr. Verda J. Hicks, United States

09:40-10:55 Session 1: Fetal growth restriction

(Chairs: Dr. Daniel Chan, Hong Kong;
Dr. Pauline PL So, Hong Kong)

Screening, monitoring and diagnosis of FGR
Prof. Dharmintra Pasupathy, Australia

Prevention and treatment for intrauterine growth restriction
Prof. Christoph Lees, United Kingdom

Oral abstract presentation 7: Impact of immune imbalance on pregnancy outcomes in inflammatory bowel disease
Mr. Jin-Chuan Liu, Hong Kong (Ab. 62)

Session 2: Intrapartum care

(Chairs: Dr. Sidney Au-Yeung, Hong Kong; Dr. Meliza Kong, Hong Kong)

Induction of labour – what’s new?
Dr. U.D.P. Ratnasiri, Sri Lanka

Intrapartum ultrasound at second stage and beyond
Dr. Wai-Lam Lau, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 8: Patient satisfaction with informed consent for vaginal birth, a survey-based study
Dr. Yin-Fong Leung, Hong Kong (Ab. 27)

Oral presentation 9: Ultrasound assessment of progress in labour: a feasibility study
Dr. Nikki MW Lee, Hong Kong (Ab. 90)

Session 3: Endometriosis and uterine disorders

(Chairs: Dr. Tomonori Hada, Japan;
Dr. Pong-Mo Yuen, Hong Kong)

Endometriosis and infertility : when should surgery be done
Dr. Louis Marcellin, France

Evidence-based management of abnormal uterine bleeding in fibroids
Prof. Yutaka Osuga, Japan

Updates in management of adenomyosis
Dr. Louis Marcellin, France

10:55-11:25 Coffee Break, Foyer
11:25-12:40 Session 4: Fetal therapy 

(Chairs: Prof. Mark Kilby, UK; Dr. Kwok-Yin Leung, Hong Kong)

Shunting for fetal pleural effusion
Dr. Ada WT Tse, Hong Kong

In utero therapy for fetal arrhythmia
Dr. Beverly Tsai-Goodman, United Kingdom

Oral presentation 10: Successful transvaginal amniotic shunt in lower urinary tract obstruction (LUTO)
Dr. Lisa Novianti, Indonesia (Ab. 105)

Session 5: Preinvasive lesions in the lower genital tract

(Chairs: Dr. William WH Li, Hong Kong; Dr. Jacqueline HS Lee, Hong Kong)

Operationalize cervical cancer elimination in AOFOG
Prof. Pisake Lumbiganon, Thailand

Updated HKCOG guidelines for cervical cancer prevention and screening
Dr. Siew-Fei Ngu, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 11: Clinical presentation and long-term outcome of vulvar lichen sclerosus in adult Chinese women
Dr. Charleen Cheung, Hong Kong (Ab. 66)

Oral presentation 12: Evaluation of the concordance of primary human papilomavirus testing between self-collected and clinician-collected samples
Dr. Aaron Chan, Hong Kong (Ab.75)

Session 6: Infertility and assisted reproduction

(Chairs: Prof. William SB Yeung, Hong Kong;
Dr. Louis Marcellin, France)

Use of adjuncts in IVF
Prof. Ernest Ng, Hong Kong

Fertility Preservation in Female Cancer Patients: Empowering Reproductive Options
Dr. Jacqueline PW Chung

Oral presentation 13: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation during oocyte retrieval: A randomised controlled trial
Dr. Jennifer Ko, Hong Kong (Ab. 80)

Oral presentation 14: A randomized controlled trial to compare the live birth rate of the first frozen embryo transfer following ovarian stimulation by the progestin-primed ovarian stimulation protocol versus the antagonist protocol in women with an anticipated high ovarian response undergoing in vitro fertilization
Prof. Ernest Ng, Hong Kong (Ab.35)



Lunch Symposium 2
(Sponsored by CMR Surgical)

(Chair: Dr. Karen KL Chan, Hong Kong)

An evolution in minimally invasive surgery in gynaecology: robotic surgery
Dr. Tong-Yow Ng, Hong Kong

 Lunch Symposium 1
(Sponsored by Cornwall HIFU Surgical Centre)

(Chairs: Prof. Tak-Yeung Leung, Hong Kong; Dr. Eva CW Cheung, Hong Kong)

Pregnancy outcomes after ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (USgHIFU) treatment for uterine fibroids: experience of a single institution
Dr. Jordi Rodriguez, Spain



   Hi-Fu Session

(Chairs: Dr. Danny TN Leung, Hong Kong; Dr. Vincent Cheung, Hong Kong)

Principle of HIFU and clinical application on benign gynecological diseases
Prof. Xiangdong Chen, China

13:45-14:45 Session 7: Fetal anomalies 

(Chairs: Prof. Christoph Lees, UK;
Dr. Isabella YM Wah, Hong Kong)

Normal and abnormal fetal cerebral cortical development
Dr. Ritsuko Pooh, Japan & Dr. Josephine Chong, Hong Kong

Logics of fetal cardiology
Prof. Hye-sung Won, South Korea & Dr. Beverly Tsai-Goodman, United Kingdom

Session 8: Cancer genetics

(Chairs: Dr. Verda J Hicks, USA;
Dr. Mandy MY Chu, Hong Kong)

Hereditary cancer syndromes beyond Lynch syndrome and HBOC
Prof. Soo-Chin Lee, Singapore

Endometrial cancer diagnosis beyond WHO classification 2020
Prof. Philip Ip, Hong Kong

Session 9: Reproductive endocrinology

(Chairs: Prof. Ernest HY Ng, Hong Kong;
Dr. Jennifer Ko, Hong Kong)

Menopausal hormone therapy: friend or foe?
Dr. Sue Lo, Hong Kong

Management of recurrent miscarriage: how much should we do?
Prof. Dame Lesley Regan, United Kingdom

14:45-15:15 Coffee Break, Foyer
15:15-16:30  Session 10: Hypertensive disorder in pregnancy

(Chairs: Prof. Wing-Cheong Leung, Hong Kong; Dr. Tsz-Kin Lo, Hong Kong)

Use of biomarkers for short term prediction of preeclampsia
Prof. Andrew Shennan, United Kingdom

Safe ride in high tide - hypertensive emergency in pregnancy
Prof. Wing-Hung Tam, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 15: First-trimester preeclampsia screening: psychological impact on pregnant women throughout pregnancy
Ms. Sin-Ting Tai, Hong Kong (Ab.91)

Oral presentation 16: Single nucleotide polymorphisms and folate related biomarkers concentrations among Chinese preconception women: A genome-wide association study
Dr. Qinyu Yao, China (Ab. 89)

Session 11: Pelvic organ prolapse

(Chairs: Dr. Symphorosa SC Chan, Hong Kong; Dr. Mandy CH Yu, Hong Kong)

Management of advanced stage of pelvic organ prolapse
Dr. Rachel Cheung, Hong Kong

Vaginal mesh use and national registry
Prof. Lan Zhu, China

Ultrasound imaging of synthetic implants in urogynecology
Dr. Clara Ka-Lai Shek, Australia

Session 12: Endoscopic and reproductive Surgery

(Dr. Louis Marcellin, France; Dr. Kwok-Keung Tang, Hong Kong)

Modern management of uterine septum
Prof. Tin-Chiu Li, Hong Kong

vNOTES hysterectomy
Dr. Tomonori Hada, Japan

Contained morcellation
Dr. Pong Mo Yuen, Hong Kong

  Plenary Lecture 4 CANCELLED

(Chair: Prof. Pisake Lumbiganon, Thailand)

Global disruptions as an opportunity in global women's health
Dr. Anne Beatrice Kihara, Kenya

16:40-17:40 Plenary Lecture 5
(Chair: Prof. Mark Kilby, UK)

Recent advances in fetal therapy
Prof. Tak-Yeung Leung, Hong Kong

18:30-22:30   Conferment Ceremony & Gala Dinner 
Time Grand Ballroom 4 Grand Ballroom 2-3 Grand Ballroom 1
07:30-08:30 Light Breakfast, Foyer
08:30-09:00 Plenary Lecture 6

(Chair: Prof. Andrew Shennan, UK)

Implementation of pre-eclampsia screening and prevention in Asia
Prof. Liona Poon, Hong Kong

09:00-09:30 Plenary Lecture 7

(Chair: Prof. Richard KW Choy, Hong Kong)

Improving the clinical utility of prenatal next generation sequencing investigation of the fetus with congenital malformations
Prof. Mark Kilby, United Kingdom

09:40-10:55 Session 13: Critical care in obstetrics 

(Chairs: Prof. Wing-Hung Tam, Hong Kong; Dr. Lay-Kok Tan, Singapore)

Massive transfusion protocol
Dr. Lo Wong, Hong Kong

Application of POCT in the management of PPH
Dr. Anil Bhalla, United Kingdom

Oral presentation 17: Obstetric outcomes in Jehovah’s Witnesses: a case-control study over fifteen years in a tertiary teaching hospital
Dr. Vivian WY Ng, Hong Kong (Ab. 71)

Oral presentation 18:Predicting major and severe postpartum haemorrhage during caesarean section for placenta praevia using a simple scoring model
Dr. William To, Hong Kong (Ab. 18)

Session 14: Perinatal genetics 

(Chairs: Prof. Richard KW Choy, Hong Kong; Dr. Anita Kan, Hong Kong)

Implementation of public funded genome sequencing in evaluation of fetal structural anomalies
Dr. Wing-Cheong Leung, Hong Kong

Concurrent non-invasive prenatal screening for genetic disorders of heterogenous etiologies: a prospective, multicenter cohort study
Prof. Jinglan Zhang, China

Invasive prenatal diagnosis, consensus and controversies
Dr. Pauline So, Hong Kong

Session 15: Acute gynaecology

(Chairs: Prof. Yutaka Osuga, Japan;
Dr. Vincent YT Cheung, Hong Kong)

Management of extrauterine pregnancy: lessons to learn
Dr. Jennifer Ko, Hong Kong

Caesarean scar pregnancy
Dr. Alyssa Wong, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 19: Association of vitamin D level and miscarriage rate in women presenting with threatened miscarriage to the early pregnancy assessment clinic
Dr. Tsz Ching Christy Lam, Hong Kong (Ab. 77)

Oral presentation 20: Women's perspectives on the use of karyotyping of the product of conception in explaining the cause of miscarriages
Dr. Wing Ching Cheung, Hong Kong (Ab. 53)

10:55-11:15 Coffee Break, Foyer
11:15-12:30 Session 16: Preterm birth

(Chairs: Dr. Ben CP Chan, Hong Kong;
Dr. Annie SY Hui, Hong Kong)

Microbiome and preterm birth
Prof. Phillip R. Bennett, United Kingdom

Updates on Cervical Cerclage
Prof. Andrew Shennan, United Kingdom

Oral presentation 21: The Utility of First Trimester Cervical Length Measurement by Transvaginal Ultrasound in the Prediction of Preterm Birth - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Dr. Justin Li, Hong Kong (Ab. 40)

Oral presentation 22: Longitudinal evaluation of cervical length and shear-wave elastography in women with spontaneous preterm birth
Dr. Long Nguyen Hoang, Hong Kong (Ab.84)

Session 17: Innovation

(Chairs: Dr. Raymond HW Li, Hong Kong; Prof. Liona Poon, Hong Kong)

Telemedicine in reproductive health
Prof. Sharon Cameron

Telehealth – a new door for safe O&G care?
Prof. Ben Mol, Australia

Oral presentation 23: Perception among pregnant women and feasibility of telehealth in obstetric services in Hong Kong
Dr. Ka-Wang Cheung, Hong Kong (Ab. 50)

Oral presentation 24: Smartphone electronic reminder to improve drug adherence during pregnancy: A randomised controlled trial
Dr. Mimi Seto, Hong Kong (Ab. 52)

Session 18: Free communications (Clinical)

(Chairs: Prof. Pisake Lumbiganon, Thailand; Dr. Danny TN Leung, Hong Kong)

Oral Presentation 25.Associations between preconception alanine aminotransferase and glycometabolism profile during pregnancy: a community-based retrospective cohort study
Mr. Yi Zhang, China (Ab.38)

Oral Presentation 26. The accuracy of self-collected vaginal samples in cervical cancer screening with dual stain p16/Ki-67
Dr. Stanton Ho, Hong Kong (Ab.37)

Oral Presentation 27.HPV self-sampling for cervical cancer screening in Hong Kong
Ms. Ching Yin Chan, Hong Kong (Ab. 65)

Oral Presentation 29. Parental folate cycle function before pregnancy and spontaneous pregnancy loss: a structural equation modelling approach
Mr. Xiaotian Chen, China (Ab.49)

Oral Presentation 30. Vitamin A and E concentration at early gestation and risk of early-onset atopic dermatitis
Dr. Yuanzhou Peng, China (Ab.51)

Oral Presentation 31.Decreased serum soluble programmed cell death ligand-1 level as a potential biomarker for missed miscarriage
Prof. Yao Wang, Hong Kong (Ab.86)



   Lunch Symposium 3
(Sponsored by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)

(Chairs: Prof. Andrew Shennan, UK;
Dr. Ho-Kei Leung, Hong Kong)

The landscape on the ever increasing rate of PPH
Dr. Wing Cheong Leung, Hong Kong

Cost-effectiveness analysis of Carbetocin in prevention of PPH
Prof. Tak-Yeung Leung, Hong Kong

13:30-14:30  Session 19: Multiple pregnancy 

(Chairs: Dr. Wai-Lam Lau, Hong Kong;
Dr. William To, Hong Kong)

Controversies in the management of twin pregnancy
Prof. Asma Khalil, United Kingdom

Delay interval delivery in pre- and prei-viable multiple pregnancy
Dr. Ka-Wang Cheung, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 32: Prediction of spontaneous preterm delivery in asymptomatic women with twin pregnancies using PAMG-1 and cervical length measurements
Dr. Meliza CW Kong, Hong Kong (Ab. 4)

Session 20: Pregnancy and the pelvic floor
(Chairs: Dr. Evelien Roos, Hong Kong;
Dr. Paulin Ma, Hong Kong)

Childbirth and pelvic floor trauma
Dr. Clara Ka-Lai Shek, Australia

Obstetric anal sphincter injury
Dr. Osanna Wan, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 33: An evaluation of the incidence of OASIS in the era of reducing episiotomy rate
Ms. Wenxuan Jiang, Hong Kong (Ab.100)

Session 21: Sexual and reproductive health
(Chairs: Dr. Dominic FH Li, Hong Kong;
Dr. Mona WC Lam, Hong Kong)

Safe abortion: new updates
Prof. Sharon Cameron, United Kingdom

Recent developments in contraception
Dr. Grace Wong, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 34: Advancement or delay of the next menstrual period after levonorgestrel emergency contraception is associated with the cycle day at administration
Dr. Raymond HW Li, Hong Kong (Ab.39)

14:30-14:45 Coffee Break, Foyer
14:45-16:00 Session 22: Postpartum haemorrhage

(Chairs: Dr. Teresa WL Ma, Hong Kong;
Dr. Amelia PW Hui, Hong Kong)

Latest development for placenta accreta spectrum
Dr. Rozi Aditya Aryananda, Indonesia

What devices do we have for the management of PPH? Are they fit for purpose?
Dr. Meliza Kong, Hong Kong

Ultrasound Prediction of Severe Postpartum Haemorrhage in Placenta Accreta Spectrum
Dr. William WK To, Hong Kong

Session 23: Gynaecological malignancies

(Chairs: Dr. Soo-Chin Lee, Singapore;
Dr. Ka-Yu Tse, Hong Kong)

Endometrial carcinoma metastic or relapse setting
Dr. Isabelle Ray-Coquard, France

Ovarian sex-cord tumours
Dr. Isabelle Ray-Coquard, France

Oral presentation 35: Circulating tumour cells in gynaecological malignancies
Dr. Thomas KT Li, Hong Kong (Ab.14)

Oral presentation 36: Local experience on hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer
Dr. Shuk-Tak Kwok, Hong Kong (Ab.30)

Session 24: Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology

(Chairs: Dr. Gang Peng, China,
Dr. Dorothy Chan, Hong Kong)

Eliminating abuse, providing opportunities and restoring better health of adolescents
Dr. Evelien Roos, The Netherlands

Adolescent pregnancy in Hong Kong and across the globe
Dr. Charleen Cheung, Hong Kong

Oral presentation 37: Retrospective review on the management of Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome
Dr. Karen Ng, Hong Kong (Ab. 79)

Oral presentation 38: Precocious puberty in a 2 years old girl with sclerosing stromal tumour of ovary: a case report
Dr. Dahlia Ningrum, Indonesia (Ab. 28)

16:00-16:15 Closing Ceremony     

*Program is subject to change without prior notice


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